About 4×4 Teardrops


My name is Ben Kirby.

I am the founder of 4x4Teardrops.com. I am the Northern CA Sales Representative for Vintage Trailer Works. We build affordable, well-built, custom teardrop trailers. When I was in the market for a teardrop trailer, everything seemed to be out of my price range. I was on a mission to find a well-built off-road teardrop trailer, that I could customize to my needs at an affordable price. I did my research, called many builders across the US, and finally found Vintage Trailer Works.

After reaching out to them directly and having a very in-depth conversation with the owner, he asked me if I wanted to be the Northern CA sales representative for the company. I happily accepted the offer. Since then, I have had an instrumental role in the design and features offered with many of our trailers. My goal is to provide you with unmatched customer service in every way. I will help you build out a trailer that suits your needs and works within your budget. I will help advise you on options but will never oversell. In the end, I am a guy who loves to get outdoors and get off the grid, and I truly enjoy working with people who want to do the same.

See you on the trails!